Lessons from nature


How to apply lessons from nature? Spanish-team Module 3

This module aims introducing students to teamwork and cooperation. We will use activities where students will have to solve problems using individual or collective solutions, and then evaluating the consequences of each kind of behaviour. At the next step, students will study how organisms interact and organise in nature to solve problems. Later, teacher may use role-playing and guided application of the insights resulting from the previous steps to challenge students to apply them to solve human problems and organise society. Finally, teacher will challenge students to solve different situations using any way of organisation they choose.

LfN principles:

  • Diversity strengthen
  • Nature is adaptive
  • Nature provides multiple benefits

Expected changes:

  • Discussing the paradigm of necessary competition.
  • Considering cooperation to solve problems and to organise systems.
  • To adapt our behaviour and the systems organisation to the circumstances in which the problem occur.
  • Realising of the consequences of individual and collective thinking.

General objectives:

  • Questioning the current paradigm of socio-economic competition.
  • Considering behaviors as collaboration to face and solve real problems.
  • Finding out about the benefits of having a pool of diverse of people, resources, etc.
  • Realising about the power of nature as source of inspiration.

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Author: Tano Gutiérrez Cánovas Date: 12.11.2013