Lessons from nature


Summer Academy 2013

This year Kamen and Stoyan took part in some nice Lessons from Nature courses with students, during TIME Foundation's Summer academies "Education for the Future", held twice in july.

Students were excited to be exposed to some new stuff,such as blue economy, biomimicry, circular economy and cradle to gradle. They were involved in some activities to help them understand the nature of a product as a system, and analyze how and where it might be improved.

With nature as a teacher, students came up with ideas on how to redesign the Bulgarian education system (e.g. provide for artists and scientists to mingle and exchange thoughts), how to substitute the monetary system (the root of all evil, according to some...) with time, how to make energy from water, etc.

All students shared a genuine love for nature and found inspiration for their thoughts and activities throughout the week. We are looking forward to next time around!

Author: Kamen Chipev Date: 31.07.2013