Lessons from nature


Learning Framework

Nature has over 4.5 billion years of design experience in creating sustainable and abundant systems. LfN believes we can apply the same principles to design human systems that are plentiful, beautiful and resilient. To do this we follow four steps: inspiring the leaner in nature, help them discover how nature works, understanding how nature’s principles can be applied to human systems, and finally applying these new insights to their own lives.

This simple model can be applied again and again and again. By learning how nature works we can find solutions that continue today, tomorrow and always. These solutions are not limited to the few; nature’s solutions can provide opportunities for all regardless of wealth or location.

LfN starts with young people. It asks what are your dreams, how can we get you there? LfN connects with individuals and communities real needs, desires and dreams. LfN does this through reconnecting with the natural world, however not in a way that is separate from people’s real world concerns of jobs, housing and health care.....day trips to the woods are great but seldom is it asked what relevance the woods have to our daily lives in anything other than a superficial way.

LfN asks what the woods/nature can teach us about health care, running economies on limited resources, providing homes that self cool and heat. Because nature does all these things far better, far more effectively and far more beautifully than humans do. Now there is a lesson worth going into the woods for.

Author: Richard Date: 20.09.2013