Lessons from nature


Lessons from Nature

The "Lessons from nature" educational module is developed by the Bulgarian Lessons from Nature team (Kamen Chipev and Stoyan Faldjiyski)

It seeks to review the inspiration of the students, either by essays, or through conversations. Next, similar tothe"Waste equals food" module, the module's activities guide thestudents to discover and understand the linear nature of our economy and the way we make things. This is done by the Needless stuff exhibition, where students are asked to research and present one product or service (or a "thing"), which theybelieve is useless. Then they have to explain why exactly.

Next, students are presented with the 6 natural principles - the Lessons from nature. You can download the powerpoint presentation we used from HERE.

Based on the 6 "Lessons from nature", students are asked to re-design their useless thing in order to makeit useful, better, or substitute it with with something already existing in nature - a process, product or service.

Click to download the full "Lessons from Nature" module for free

Author: Kamen Chipev Date: 02.07.2013