Lessons from nature


Multiple Benefits

Biomimicry is a concept or even science now widely known around the world as a major innovation come from the U.S., more and more widespread in Europe.

The word derives from the Greek bios ( meaning life) and mimesis ( meaning to imitate ) . Biomimicry explores the place of every living being in the complex network of relationships and circumstances that constitute life .
Each organism has certain properties , due to which he lived in his surroundings . These properties are often determined by its form , its structure and functions it holds. Moreover, the majority of living beings live collectively. Although they are so different , they share a perfect Earth , and have the privilege to live and, consciously or indirectly, often help each other .

Nature is perfectly designed, already 3.8 billion years .

Biomimicry explores this natural looking design and its applications in the social and economic environment of our lives. Today, many major corporations are turning to teams of biologists, chemists, engineers and designers, the professionals developing this new science, when looking for answers to their challenges.

We can say that the future with limited resources , will seek solutions in the natural world. The earlier and bold look in this direction, the better prepared you are for it!

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Author: Stoyan Faldjiyski Date: 17.07.2013