Lessons from nature


Waste equals Food

In nature everything is cycled so what looks like waste is actually food for the next cycle. For example, dead tree leaves will become soil for a new tree. This insight can be applied to turn current linear human production systems into closed loop systems in which scarce resources are used to best effect and waste is elim...   Read more


Multiple Benefits

In nature organisms have multiple benefits, they do not simply have one purpose. The goal of a tree is to reproduce to provide the next generation and in doing so also provides food for insects, shelter for animals, nutrients for the soil from their decomposing leaves, turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, and help regulate tem...   Read more


Diversity gives Strength

Nature relies on a large variety of species, systems and organisms that allow it to withstand external shocks. Diversification effectively reduces risk. ...   Read more


Solar Income

Nature runs on renewable energy, it does not use more energy than it can produce itself. Nature does not create energy sources that pollute the atmosphere, and designs its processes to work efficiently. - Life cannot exist without solar income (light and energy). - Plants feed on...   Read more


Nature Optimises

Nature accepts limits but is not restrained by them. Nature finds creative solutions to provide multiple services without damaging its own services. ...   Read more


Nature is responsive

Nature never stays the same, it is constantly changing and adapting, responding to feedback. What worked in the past might not work in the future. ...   Read more