Lessons from nature

WHO WE ARE - Romania

Zoltán Hajdu

Zoltán Hajdu is an expert in environmental management. He has MSc in environmental management and analysis, and a PhD in environmental sciences. Zoltán is one of the founding member and general coordinator of the Focus Eco Center, and he is member of the Eco Counseling Europe Association. He was leader of several projects in environmental education, training, nature protection, rural development in Romania and he has also a large experience in international projects.


Erzsébet Hajdu

Erzsébet Hajdu is a physics teacher in Secondary School and an experienced environmental educator. Erzsébet is the leader of the environmental Education of the Focus Eco center, author of one of the first environmental education manuals in Romania, and she is the initiator of the Environmental Education Center from Adrianu Mic. She has a large experience in environmental education projects in Romania and as well at international level. She is committed to the outdoor education and she elaborated several programs in order to promote the information of the students about the relation between the nature and the human society.


Melinda Tünde Dóczy

Dóczy Melinda Tünde is a Primary School teacher, with 18 years of experience in environmental education. She’s an active member of ecological NGO Focus Eco Center, participated in many environmental education and sustainable development projects. She’s involved in the organization’s local projects and activities as the “Salt Way” and “Outdoor Activities in Adrianu Mic”. In these projects she had the opportunity to collaborate with regional and foreign NGO-s, to share experience with other teachers and specialists.


Erzsébet Domokos

Domokos Erzsébet, PhD is a Biology teacher in Secondary School and also at the Medical and Pharmaceutical University from Tîrgu-Mureș. She has a BSc in Biology-Chemistry and a MSc in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology. Erzsébet is member of the Focus Eco Center Romania promoting the principles of sustainable development and elaborating teaching materials for young peoples and adults.