Lessons from nature

WHO WE ARE - Latvia

Daiga Kalnina

Daiga Kalnina is environmental educator more than 15 years. She has bachelor degree in biology and doctor degree in pedagogy. Daiga specializes in development of inquiry skills for primary shool pupils and didactics of science teaching and learning. She is director of Riga Nature School and lecturer in University of Latvia Faculty of Pedagogy,Psychology and Art.


Inese Liepina

Inese Liepina has a considerable experience with the implementation of national and international projects within environmental education and sustainable development. She is a project leader in NGO Children’s Environmental school since 1994. Experienced within development and editing of environmental educational materials as well as the organization and implementation of workshops, teacher training workshops and environmental research camps for children. She works as an environmental education specialist in the National Centre for Education of Latvia.


Elita Lavrinovica

Elita Lavrinovica is a biology teacher with over 20 years experience. She is a head of the Environmental Educators Association of Latvia and involved in many environmental education projects organized by Children’s Environmental School. She has experience with implementation of environmetal education projects in the schools and organizing courses for teachers about education for sustainable development.