Lessons from nature

WHO WE ARE - Spain

Cayetano Gutiérrez Pérez

A secondary school/college teacher, Head of Department of Physics and Chemistry, with 33 years of experience. During his career, he also hold scholar manager positions and led several educational projects promoting science teaching and popularising it. During last ten years, his career was focused in environmental issues and sustainable development teaching. As a result, he has written an important number of publications (http://is.gd/aLaCbc), and he has collaborated in diverse courses, congresses and workshops. He also has been participating on teacher training courses and using radio broadcasting for science dissemination for several years (http://is.gd/RSTZUE). His last publication is related to climate change, “La actuación frente al cambio climático”, and it was published by Murcia University and Terra Foundation said that this publication is a guidance for environmental awareness.

Also visit: www.disfrutalaciencia.es, www.cayetanogutierrez.net


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Juan Diego López Giraldo

An international project manager and educator, with a background in Biology, and a Master in Science by Newcastle upon Tyne University. He has been working on protected areas, Natural resources management and education in Latin America and Europe. He has been working on environmental education since 1996. Peru, Chile, San Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Honduras have been project locations on diverse working environmental and organizations profiles since 1986. He was for more than 8 years, Environmental Volunteer Programme Manager for Regional public protected areas in Murcia Region. He is an entrepreneur in Spain since 2005 and he has been involved in UE educational projects (Grundtvig, Comenius,Leonardo and Study visits) since 2007 working with UE organization on Italy, UK, Letonia, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. He is presently working on teacher training courses on line, workshops, and conferences. He is actively involved on preparing environmental and educational proposals for sustainability production and biodiversity use.

You can also visit: http://www.vita21.eu/, http://grundtvigsundial.wordpress.com/, and www.credia.hn


Angel Silvente Ortega

A secondary school teacher, Head of Department of Tecnology. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and MSc in water management and in solar energy. Ángel has been involved in local environmental organizations. He was vice-president of "Murcia en Bici", organization that promotes sustainable movility and is co-founder and president of "Birken Nature Friends" (www.birkenaventura.com) a non-profit asociation that promotes enjoying nature in a sustainable way and a low eco-footprint life.


Cayetano Gutiérrez Cánovas

My professional interests are focused on ecological science publishing and the development of educational methods and business inspired by nature. I developed my scientific career at the Universidad de Murcia, studying the ecosystem responses to naturally and anthropogenically stressors to provide insights that can help us to predict the consequences of global change and to better understand the evolution in stressful habitats. For my research, I use river invertebrates and algae as model organisms to test ecological hypotheses related with ecosystem functioning, food webs and biodiversity conservation.

Furthermore, I am involved in projects, courses and other educational activities to explore new educational paradigms that allow students to rethink and redesing the world to work out the current contradictions between social and economic interests.

Recently, I am conducting small-scale experiences of closed loop projects in the field of food production.